Thoughts on the current state of Replit

Wow it's been nearly 11 months since I updated this blog!

Anyways I recently revisted this website and the Discord community. I had just finished a large...

It's me on 3/6/2023, and the last time I started writing here was 1/23/2023. I have many things that are at least 100x more important than this to do know so I'll just summarize:

Current state

Just respect people. Also I get that Replit needs to get some profit to support the great work that they're doing to improve computing accessibility, but do the pricing changes really have to be that much?


I may or may not use this (as in, Replit) in the future (todo: replctf?). Also it seems like they've been adding a lot of features solely under paid. My thoughts on that are the same as the pricing changes. Also apparently there are extensions now, but they're priced? I'm getting app store vibes, which is not good.


Even though I skimmed a lot on the other sections, I'd like to elaborate more on this. I definitely have done irresponsible things that were not only stupid, but actually hurt people. I apologize, and I'm not saying this for reputation or an illusion of guilt. I sincerely wish that I could go back in time and press Ctrl+Z, but the unfortunate thing is that that's just not how life works. This is my attempt to try to make things better without a time machine.

What now?

I have become detached from the community long ago and I'm definitely not even relevant now. For now, you can follow my Github or Mastodon (or this blog, although I admit that it's not as active as I'd like it to be).